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Glisson Graphics Turf Wars Tournament Logo Design




Stars + Stripes Sports is a national sports eco-system focused on providing support and resources to athletes, schools, colleges, professional organizations, and clubs across the United States. They host a variety of different events including tournaments, camp/club teams, and testing events for both baseball and softball. Kelly reached out to me to create a logo, flyer, and t-shirt design for their upcoming baseball tournament 'Turf Wars' taking place in Asheville, NC.


With this design, I wanted to create a logo that incorporated typical baseball visuals as well as imagery native to Asheville, NC. So, I created this emblem mark in the shape of a baseball field, with the mountains of Asheville poking out of the top and an outline of home plate at the bottom. In the negative space between the two, there is baseball stitching and to top it all off is bold, outlined text that reads "Turf Wars".

For the flyer, I just made a simple design adjustment to their current ACE training flyer to fit with the shape of the new logo and provided a t-shirt mockup sporting the Turf Wars logo.

Glisson Graphics Turf Wars Tournament Logo Design Color Palette
Glisson Graphics Turf Wars Tournament Poster Design Mockup
Glisson Graphics Turf Wars Tournament TShirt Design Mockup
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